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Service, tradition, honour, and beauty are at the core of our family’s history and are the cornerstones upon which the Pirgos Mavromichali was resurrected.

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Strategically located on the historic harbour of Limeni, Pirgos Mavromichali is a restored 18th century tower overlooking the picturesque bay.

An 18th century descendent of Georgios Mavromihalis, became known as Georgakis and was better known by the Byzantine title of Exarhos.

Georgakis married a fair skinned, blond haired, green eyed maiden of unspeakable beauty and charm. And because of her foreign origin, she spoke no Greek, so local myth has it that Georgakis enchanted and married a Nereid by stealing her scarf.

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Limeni Laconia

Limeni, the Mavromichali’s family erstwhile settlement, is one of the most beautiful and traditional coastal villages of Mani. Located in just 5 km from Areopoli and approximately 27 km from Gythion.

The village is very picturesque and of unique beauty, as it combines harmoniously the sea and the unique landscape.

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